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The Mining Misfits are an exclusive group of seasoned professionals in the mining industry sharing their experiences and recommendations on unique topics affecting our business.

We provide a platform for conversations that drive change through monthly roundtables with industry professionals and one-on-one interviews with some of the brightest minds, not only in the mining industry but other professions that seek positive changes. 

Theme Papers

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Industry Marketing

What is the marketing message? It is no secret that the mining industry needs to find a solution to current marketing strategies. All is on the table in this roundtable discussion. 


Next Generation Leadership

The Misfits debated what the biggest challenge the next generation of leaders will face in capital development projects in the mining industry.


Contractor Incentives

This discussion with the Misfits dives into the topic of contractor incentives and how do we truly incentivize the contractor to the same goals and objectives which make the project itself successful.


Collaboration and Partnering

The Misfits panel was honored to be joined by Dr. Deb Mashek to provide insight and and experiences centered around  partnering and collaboration. 



This roundtable discussion with the Misfits panel demonstrated the desire for owners and contractors to work together to solve the personnel gap and high attrition rates experienced on projects.


Owner-Contractor Relations

In this theme paper, the Misfits discuss broken Owner and Contractor relationships and how to improve so both parties benefit.


Execution Models

The need to maximize the potential of success on future projects lies within the discussion around alternate execution models and contract structures. 


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