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Commercial services for your mining projects.

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Commercial Assessment

Most of our clients start here

We conduct a detailed assessment to provide tangible recommendation's with a robust action plan for your project. 

Request For Proposal (RFP)

Some start here & where we are the BEST

We will develop a complete suite of contract documents including best-in-class RFP development.

Implementation Support

We will stick around if you need us

We will work with you to conduct a commercial health check to assist with execution of tendering, negotiating, and contract conforming. 

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Projects are hard so let us help.

We will save you Time. We are industry experts who know what it takes to keep a project on schedule.   

Staying on schedule means we save you  Money.  

We take the internal stress off your hands so you have more Energy to focus on your team.

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We can help make your project team more productive.....

Work with our Kolbe Certified™ Consultant to discover your teams natural way of taking action.

  • Optimize: Strategically combine your talents to maximize teamwork
  • Align: Boost your productivity by matching strengths to job requirements

Our Kolbe Certified™ Consultant will work with you to fit your needs. 

  1. Kolbe A Index is not an IQ or personality assessment! This quick 36-questions instrument gives you a greater understanding of your own natural instincts. 
  2. Kolbe Comparisons™ will give you the power to identify Conflict, Strain, Tension, and Alignment in your current role.
  3. Kolbe diagnoses team potential and gives accurate, objective, and practical prescriptions for success through our Kolbe Team Tactix® program.
  4. Kolbe RightFit is the program that makes finding the "right" person for the right job easier and less expensive. 
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